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People in the book: Annie Abbott,

the "Little Georgia Magnet", the True Story of Dixie Haygood

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Abbey, Annie May
Abbey, Fannie Dora Snowden
Abbey, Isabelle
Abbey, Jessie May Harris
Abbey, Lenny (Leonard B. Abbey, Jr.)
Abbey, Leonard B.
Abbey, Lucile Harris
Abbey, Myrtle Stone Beers
Abbey, Richard N.
Abbey, Theodore H.
Abbey, Theodore Jr.
Abbott, Anna Emma
Abbott, J. Victor
Abbott, Mr.
Abbott, R. N.
Abbott, Theodore H.
Adams, Ben
Alt, Col.
Anna Abbott
Annie Abbott
Annie May Abbott
Arnold, Miss Carrie
Atkinson, Mrs. Paul
Austin, Louis B.
Azzagilosk, Alfonzo
Bagley, Judge
Bailey, Thomas H.
Barclay, J. W.
Barlow, Magistrate
Barnes, Ada L.
Barnes, Grace
Barnes, Mrs. Emmett
Bass, Mrs. Hardy Whitfield
Baylor, Annie Abbott
Baylor, Carl
Baylor, Charley
Baylor, Frank C.
Baylor, Harold Avery
Baylor, Helen M.
Baylor, Mrs. Frank C.
Beach, Grace Mae
Beers, Myrtle Stone
Beers, Ruth
Belfield, Jane
Bell, Dr. R.
Blackshear, T. B.
Bly, Nellie
Brauwick, Dr.
Brooks, H. F.
Browne, Mr. Lennox
Butler, W. P.
Cameron, Dr. C.
Carson, S. W.
Charles Lauri's Troupe and Corps de ballet
Childess, Charles
Chirgwin, Miss
Christiana, Mr.
Christiansen, T. H.
Clark, James
Clarke, May
Clopton, James
Cody, Buffalo Bill
Conger, Dr.
Cornell, Hattie Jarratt
Cotton, Angélique
Count Mitza
Current, James
Czar of Russia
De Villers, Armand
DeSaussure, Alexander Baron
Dix, Dr.
Doyle, Mr
Drummond, George
Dubbs, Colleen
Duchess of Manchester
Duchess of Sutherland
Duke of Cambridge
Duke of Sutherland
Duke of Teck
Earl of Fingall
Edison, Thomas
Eisenback, Maud Haygood Smith
Eisenback, Mrs. Maud
Embry, T. L.
Emperor of Germany
Ennis, E. N. "Sam"
Ennis, P. T.
Ennis, Sheriff C. W.
Eustis, Mr. and Mrs. G. P.

Feldman, James A.
Feldman, Joseph
Ferrero, Signorina
Fitch, Isabelle (Belle)
Freeman, Mrs. Charles
Fuller, Loie
Fuller, Loie - daughter of
Fyvie, G. W.
Galsworthy, Sir E. A.
Gear, Col. A. S.
Gifford, Marvin B. and Mamie H.
Goodhue, Deputy Sheriff
Goudard, Dr. Henri
Grand Dukes of Russia
Gray, Will
Guggenheim, Meyer
H.R.H. Albert Edward
Hall, Roland B.
Hamilton, Lord Claud
Han, Chou
Harris, Jessie May
Harris, Sir Augustus
Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Graeme
Hartland, Mr. Dixon
Haygood, Bill
Haygood, Bishop
Haygood, Charles
Haygood, Charles Nathaniel Jr.
Haygood, Charlie
Haygood, Dixie
Haygood, Edgar
Haygood, Fred Hampton
Haygood, Hattie Clifford
Haygood, Mattie Potter
Haygood, Maud Clopton
Hearne, John C.
Henry, Col. Walter R.
Hermann the magician
Herndon, Irene
Hill, H. Staveley
Hogan, Mrs. M. J.
Houdin, Robert
Howard, Miss Rose
Huly, Mrs. Marshall
Hurst, Lulu
Hyslop, James
Jarratt, Albert G. "Dock"
Jarratt, Dixie Annie
Jarratt, Eleanor
Jarratt, Eleanor H.
Jarratt, James A.
Joel, Yoel
Johnson, Annie Lillian
Johnstone, Dr.
Jones, Mrs. Fred P.
Keaton, Buster
Kent, Capt. H. Vaughan
Kilrain, Jake
King Edward VII
King George of England
King of Italy
Kirkwood, Lee
Lady Sevitt
Lane, J. V.
Lauri, Charles
Leamore, T.
Lee, Callie Proctor
Levy, Mr. J. C. C.
Lincoln, Miss Laura
Lloyd, Marie
Lodge, Oliver
Logan, Mrs. F. A.
M'Dougal Girls
Macarthy, D. J.
Machie, Mrs.
Majlath, Count G.
Mallette, Professor C. D.
Marquand, Misses
Marquis of Lorne
Maskelyne, J. N.
Mathews, Judge
Mayo, Magistrate
McCarthy, Officer
McCombs, Lula
McLaglen, Leopold
McLaglen, Prudence Ward
McLaglen, Victor
McMillan, J. W.

Mitchell, Charlie
Newell, J. F.
Pagley, Anna
Pedigo, Dr. Lewis G.
Peters, William R.
Pinkney, Mr.
Playfair, Lady
Playfair, Sir Lyon
Plunkett, Horace
Potter, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Potter, Mattie
Prescott, Sir George
Price, Mattie Lee
Prince of Holland
Prince of Oldenbourg
Prince of Wales
Princess Louise
Queen Victoria
Rajah of Bombay
Redfern, Sam
Richardson, Mary
Richet, Ch.
Riley, Dr. J. A.
Roden, Mrs.
Rogers, Dr. J. W.
Rolfson, Harry
Rolfson, Marie
Roose, Dr. Robson
Ross, Charley
Sandow, Eugene
Scheidemann, Frank
Scheidemann, Mrs. Frank
Shaw, George Bernard
Sherman, General William Tecumseh
Shipman, Mattie
Shipman, O. S.
Silverburg (Prisoner)
Simpson, Mamie
Sister Catherine
Sister Katharine
Smith, Bridges (Mayor of Macon)
Smith, Lee Kirkwood
Smith, Sadie Maggie
Smith, Walter Alexander
Snowden, Fannie Dora
Soules, Nellie E.
Spalding, Mr. W. A.
Sparks, Capt. J. Hyde
Stanhope, Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey
Steen, Charles N.
Steen, Martha
Stein, Mr.
Stratton, G. W.
Sullivan, John L.
Tatro, Annie May
Tatro, Julia
Tatro, Matilda (Tillie)
Tatro, Octave
Templehoffer, A.
Terry, Dr. (dentist)
Thomas, Leila
Ticjar, S. C.
Tomlinson, P. L.
Townsend, Dr.
Treadwell, W. E.
Turney, Sir John
Twain, Mark
Van Ingen, E. H.
VanNess, Mrs. Walter
Vernon, Harriet
Villiers, F. H.
Waisbrooker, Lois
Wall, E. H.
Waller, Charles
Ward, Prudence
Washington, Millie
Wayne, John
White, George
Wiggins, Louise
Wiley, Barry
Wiley, Judge C. M.
Williams, Percy
Wood, Capt. G. A.
Worth, Charles Frederick (dress designer)
Wright, Wilbur
Wrigley, Magistrate (of Philadelphia)
Yancey, President A. K.
Zachringer, John

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