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Annie Abbott,

the "Little Georgia Magnet", the True Story of Dixie Haygood

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The original Annie Abbott, "The Little Georgia Magnet," was Dixie Annie Jarratt Haygood of Milledgeville, GA. She observed Lulu Hurst, the "Georgia Wonder," on stage and began some of the same exhibitions, although she claimed to have "the power" from when she was a child. She took on the stage name of Annie Abbott about 1889. Annie Abbott (or Annie May Abbott) was known for being able to withstand the strength of some of the world's strongest men, such as Charley Mitchell and Eugene Sandow. Scientists were baffled whether her power was spiritualism, magnetic force, hypnotism, magic, or something else. She traveled the world and performed before royalty, including the Prince of Wales.

This book, entitled, Annie Abbott "The Little Georgia Magnet" and the True Story of Dixie Haygood, is the definitive story of Annie Abbott and Annie May Abbott, and is based on extensive research using original sources, Annie Abbott's own autograph album (autographed as she traveled the world), and family archives. It was written by Hugh T. and Susan J. Harrington, who have published Annie Abbott articles in Georgia Historical Quarterly and The Linking Ring, which won "Award of Outstanding Merit for the Best Series Published in The Linking Ring magazine" for 2003. See more about the book or order it HERE


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Early publicity picture of Dixie Haygood, the Original Annie Abbott

Dixie Haygood in an early publicity photo from Macon, Georgia.

This picture was found in the descendants' files, retouched and placed on the Memory Hill website by the Harringtons, and has since been replicated widely across the web.


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